Design Statement:

My design approach to this show reflects the visceral storytelling. Something so beautiful, interesting, and sexy becomes gross and contaminated in an instant. Ink painted amber translucent panels beautifully silhouette the actors while darker, ominous colors seep in and grow under light. Atmosphere was the driving force in this design, and lighting was essential to activate the scenery. Because of the fluidity of each scene, as well as a humble budget, we decided to focus on the over-all stage picture, and fill in the gaps with versatile furniture pieces and a carefully crafted deja vu feeling of props and set dressing. Another physical challenge to this project was the space itself, featuring an architectural post floor to ceiling close to the center of the stage. I incorporated this post into the design, and let the obstacle inform the way.

Production Photos

Digital Rendering

Research Photos

Built Furniture Detail Drafting

Digital Storyboards/Location Research


Drafting Plates