Design Statement:

I had the pleasure to design this new work world premiere by cultivating a space that could transgress decades while moving fluidly through the story. This play mainly takes place in a classroom across the 50's, 60's and current time, as well as bringing us into homes, parks, and conference rooms. I collaborated with the Directors to design units that were timeless and mobile. These rolling wall units were arrange at discretion of the action during the show, and used to simulate everything from rotating doors to school buses. They had to be timeless and neutral on one side, the "school" side. When turned around, these units packed a powerful punch on the "mural" side to be used in the climax of the story, as students face the realities of segregation and diversity of the shool's past, and the issues that still remain in 2020. 

Production Photos

Preliminary Mural Elevation

Preliminary Research

Digital Storyboards


Drafting Plates