Design Statement:

Cosí fan tutte is diverse in mood as it transverses comedy, romance, and the destruction of illusion all within 3 hours. I began my design inspired by the circular nature of the storyline, and the symmetry of the characters. Given the roundness and the back-and-forth between locations in the storyline, I was lead to design a turntable. With this, I was able to smoothly transition between interior and exterior scenes. Then, I began playing with opposing angles and asymmetry to display the conflict and torment within the characters. "Nature taking over" was another phrase both the Director and I latched on to, and so greenery and the wear of the architecture by natural elements was also important. FInally, all of this was set in late 18th Century Italian sea-side, and so my research in the architecture and decor of the time was crucial.

Production Photos

Color Model Photos

Preliminary Photoshop Rendering

Research Images


White Model Process Photos

Paint Elevations

Drafting Plates