Color Model Photos

Photoshopped Storyboards

Design Statement:

My first design in the Rococo era, Dangerous Liaisons proved to be challenging in terms of stage economy. Because the location changes after almost every scene, I needed to find a way to smoothly and quickly transition au-vista. I took advantage of the flying space of the theatre to bring in Rococo inspired "frames" for each location. Tourvel, Rosemonde, and Merteuil's Salons have furniture pre-set on wagons that track from each side to meet on the centerline, or track from the back as a whole piece. This allowed me to achieve the grandeur of furnished salons without wasting production time to set and strike furniture. Because each space is owned/inhabited by specific characters, color proved to be immensely important to clue the audience to the location's owner and thus the context of each space. 

White Model Process


Research Images