Photoshopped Storyboards

Design Statement:
Act 2 Lights off Look
Act 2 Lights on Look
Subway Car
Marisol's Office
June's Apartment
Marisol's Bedroom

White Model Photos

The magical realism of Jose Rivera's Marisol proved to be fruitful ground on which to base this Design. I began with the religious aspects of the show, honing in on tryptic imagery. I then turned to images of churches under construction, to symbolize the religious journey Marisol navigates through the play. I became fascinated with the Central China TV building as an imposing and daunting structure to surround the religious imagery. It is used here as Industrialization is at the core of the catastrophe. The furniture and props live within this realm as well. The stage is ramped and awkward to walk on to convey the stunted reality nature of the play. The plastic sheeting that covers the majority of the scenery in Act 1, is meant to rip off and reveal the rest of the structure for Act 2, creating a baron and devastating decline in atmosphere.

Preliminary Groundplan

Preliminary Photoshop Renderings

Research Images

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