Advanced Scene Painting Projects:

Velour Project (6' x 3')
Opaque Drop Project (3' x 6' Muslin)
Finished Product
Beginning Highlight and Shadow
Finished Mid-tones
Beginning Mid-tones
Finished Product
Base Colors Completed
Light and Shadow Layed In
Finished Product
Processes Completed
Background Completed
Completed Product in front of Black
Completed Product with Shop Lighting
Base Completed
Structure Layed In
Trompe L'oeil Project (3' x 2' Masonite)
Scrim Project (5' x 3')
Wall Project (4'x4' Luan, Masonite)
Sheet Metal Project (2' x 2' Masonite)
Finished Product
Main Painting Completed
Under Layers Process
Paper Layering and Texture
Paper Base
Pietra Dura Project (2' x 2' Masonite)
Relief Foam Carving Project: 2' x 2' x 6".
Foam insulation sheeting.
Front View
Back View
Left Side
Right Side
Wing Detail
Base Detail
Texture Research
Object Inspiration
Front View
Texture Detail
Treatment Research
Object Inspiration
Sculpture Foam Carving Project: 4' x 4' x 2'.
Foam insulation sheeting and bead foam block
Stone and Brick Foam Carving Project:
2' x 2' x 2"
Foam insulation sheeting.

Paint Production Assignments:

Finished Product
Publicity Photo
Color Completed
Toning Completed
Highlight Completed
Base Texture Completed

Floor for: Your Blues Ain't Sweet Like Mine

PSU CBT Theatre

Summer 2017

Written By: Ruben Santiago-Hudson

Directed By: Steve Broadnax III

Scenic Design By: Dan Robinson

Costume Design By: Austin Rausch

Lighting Design By: Ken Friedhoff

All Color Mixing and Execution by Jenna Houck

Overview of Set
Detail of Kitchen
Detail of Stage Floor
Open Position
Salon Scene
Closed Position
Floor Process Completed
Floor Process Based

Paint Charge Assignment: Trouble In Tahiti

PSU CBT Theatre

Fall 2016

Written By: Leonard Bernstein

Directed By: Ted Christopher

Scenic Design: Amanda Stuart

Costume Design: Parker Sweeney

Lighting Design: Hannah Fecko

Scenic Artist Work: